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Where are my creative small business owners and wedding professionals? This blog’s for you!

I should start off with a disclaimer…

One thing I won’t claim to be is an expert at Instagram or social media. Perhaps if I were a Marketing major at Purdue in current time, I would be! But so much has changed since earning my degree many moons ago – a big one being the emergence of social media platforms.

Though, I will say I’ve learned a lot about Instagram through our presence on the social media platform over last few years. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned, which can help your Instagram exposure, increase your post likes and interactions, and help you gain followers.

We all know Instagram has an algorithm that determines where you show up in others’ feeds. These tips and tricks will essentially help boost your clout!

    First, it’s important to interact on a regular basis with those that you follow. Be sure to spend a 5-10 minutes a day scrolling through your Instagram feed, liking and leaving comments (4+ words is the rule of thumb. Emojis are fun but don’t count towards your word count!).

    When new instagram accounts begin to follow you, it's important to follow them back! Instagram will pick up on the fact that you're interactive with your followers. My usual rule of thumb: If the account is semi-relevant to my line of work (for example: weddings, graphic design, laser cutting), I will follow them back. The exceptions to this "follow back" rule would be the obvious fake or "sales" accounts, who will likely unfollow you within a day or two.

    *** A tip to manage this, to weed out the "follow for follow" seekers: download an app that generates instagram reports, such as Reports+ (my go-to app). This will tell you who has unfollowed you - so, if you see someone on this report that you followed back, just unfollow them. They were just fishing for followers anyway!
    Start following a few hashtags that are of interest or relevance to you. For instance, I follow #weddinginvitations, #engagementphotos, and #indianaweddings (to name a few). I follow about 10 hashtags total. This gives you some diversity in your Instagram feed & allows you the chance to like and comment on other’s photos that you don’t necessarily follow (another element that helps boost your clout!).

    Utilize your “stories” feature! It shows Instagram that you are an active user, not a passive occasional one. These can be as personal or impersonal as you’d like. Though, I’ll say from experience, the first option tends to get more interaction. Show your followers what you’re working on that day, give sneak peeks into projects or events, or create a fun poll (either business or non-business related). Be sure to include a hashtag to gain more visibility. Also, if your story involves another Instagram user, it’s important to tag them! They’ll then have the opportunity to share your story in their story – and BOOM, upping your clout again. =)

    Post new content 2-3 times a week consistently. I know this one is a struggle during our busiest times (I fail at times). If you fall off the posting wagon, just hop right back on as soon as you can. You’ll notice you may have lost a tiny bit of clout (with less likes and followers), but you’ll quickly pick back up! With each post, it’s important to utilize your hashtags (you can use up to 14) and tag others when you can (i.e. the venue featured, the photographer’s work who should be credited, other individuals who also contributed to the content of the photo or setting).


I hope you’ve found these quick tips and tricks to be somewhat helpful! For more advice on how to increase your followers and post interactions, we highly recommend checking out Gary Vee’s strategy. He spells it out simply on why it’s important to share your “two cents”, in order to get that same investment in return from others. Give it a read, you won’t regret it!


Indianapolis Custom Wedding Invitations Stationery Laser Cutting Carmel Zionsville Paper Store


Posted on April 29, 2019 by Cari

With all of the hard work, hours and manual labor we invest in each of our clients’ wedding stationery, it is always rewarding to see recent Indianapolis weddings and events featured in local and national publications. If you are looking for wedding inspiration or simply enjoy seeing what is happening in the Indianapolis and general wedding stationery and event planning scene, you’ll enjoy today’s blog recap!

We had the honor of helping all of the brides and grooms below with custom designed wedding invitations and day-of stationery (ceremony programs, menus, table numbers, and seating cards, just to name a few examples). Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to in our studio…



Vintage elements always seem to add a little romance and elegance to just about anything. Not only that, but this special day also incorporated the Pantone Color of the Year, which is Living Coral. For our custom stationery pieces, Bethany from Eden + Vine provided all of the gorgeous spot calligraphy elements (isn't her lettering so lovely?). What made this day extra pretty were the amazing florals by our pal Courtney at Violets are Blue, a local wedding florist located in downtown Indianapolis. Thanks to Beth Waterman for capturing this day on camera!

For more photos and a full list of vendor credits, you can see the wedding featured on the Tacari Weddings blog.



Sometimes we get the chance to hop outside of the Indianapolis wedding and events circle, and play a role in weddings across the country. We especially love southern weddings – they have impeccable taste!

A popular blog, Strictly Weddings, recently featured this gorgeous day – jam packed with incredible travel and aviation inspired details. The day took place at a private airfield in rural Georgia, where a vintage yellow airplane served as the backdrop for the outdoor ceremony space. Our favorite detail? That breathtaking cake by The Topiary! A true work of art!

For a full list of contributing wedding vendors, please visit:



Speaking of southern weddings, here’s another recent one we LOVE! It a day packed with so many gorgeous wedding elements! This stunning day took place at The Island Weddings in Ft. Walton Beach, where Taylor’d Southern Events executed this wedding style perfectly! The stunning florals were provided by the talented Moonstruck Florals team – aren’t the wedding flowers just dreamy?!

Indianapolis Wedding Stationery Laser Cutting Carmel Zionsville Brownsburg

Indianapolis Wedding Stationery Laser Cutting Carmel Zionsville Brownsburg

Photos were taken by Madeline Vezain. Click the link below for a full list of the wedding day vendor team:

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When it comes to wedding stationery, we see so many people try to insert their own opinions into the couple’s decision making process. It’s tiresome, and I often feel for the couples who are fielding the unwanted advice. Here’s what we see most often, and our take on it…


Your parents feel they should be listed on the invitation, but you (as a couple) are hosting and paying for most of the wedding.

You have full decision making reign on this one. As the hosts, you are creating something to deliver to guests that will be a direct invitation from you. The wording should reflect as such. I would politely remind your parents that they will be listed in the formal ceremony program, and leave it at that. If you would like to soften the delivery, perhaps leading the invitation wording with “Together with their Parents” or “Together with their Families” might appease them and satisfy all parties here.


Your venue insists on providing the “paper” for your wedding reception tables.

Oy. This one makes me cringe every time I hear a client mention this. Just tell them NO. They are simply trying to find sneaky ways to tie in their logo and Chef’s name. There’s a caterer I’m very familiar with that does this often and it looks tacky every single time. They use cheap copy paper, horrible fonts, and add their big logo at the bottom. I feel sorry for their clients after the wedding is over. All you see in their table décor and reception photos are these hideous pieces of thin paper scattered onto plates.

…and don’t get me started on their standard banquet table number cards, reminiscent of 1995. Yikes.

Simply tell them you do not feel their “complimentary paper” is a good fit for your vision, and tell them to please remove this service from your package. While you appreciate their (self-serving) offer to provide these free-of-charge, let them know you will handle this on your own.


Your bridesmaids would like a say into their dress color and style.

This one I’m torn on. I do feel you have a say in this, but so do they. They will be wearing this for a full day, as well as be photographed in it repeatedly. Not to mention, they are likely footing the bill for it. I recommend asking their input, taking them to a few bridal shops to see their styles, and deciding on the dresses together!


Your photographer suggested doing a “first look” before the ceremony.

You know they know their stuff! You hired them for a reason, and I would take most of their suggestions into consideration. They have likely done hundreds of weddings, and know what makes the day run smooth & what yields the best and most photo opportunities. I would strongly consider this one!


Your family is upset about the day/time/location you’ve selected for your big day.

Listen, no matter when/where/how you plan to carry out your wedding day, someone will always be upset about something. Someone will not be thrilled about the miles they have to drive. Another will be grumpy because they don’t like mid-week weddings. Yet another will be offended that you aren’t having the ceremony in a church. The list could go on & on. However, the only thing that matters is that you have selected a special date and place that works well for you as a couple – you have extended an invitation to your closest friends and family to join you. It is to their discretion if they accept or decline the invite. Any further banter from them, I would just let it roll off your back. They will get over it, and you’ll live happily ever after!


What other ways have you had or do you expect to have people insert their opinions into your wedding planning process? How did you or will you handle the situation? Leave your input below!




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