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It’s never to early to start putting together those holiday cards, folks! The earlier you have them stuffed, addressed & ready to mail, the quicker you can mark them off your lengthy holiday to-do list. =)
We’d love to help you create a one-of-a-kind design. Shoot us an email at for more details!
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Posted on October 21, 2013 by Cari
Still need to put together treats for your kids’ classmates or your office co-workers?
Try this fun, easy and affordable idea – “Bugs and Kisses” treat bags! Plus, we have some free printables to help you pull it off. =)
1. Treat Bags (any size, up to 4.25? in. in width)
2. Hershey’s Kisses
3. Stapler
4. White Cardstock (Letter size sheets)
5. Plastic bugs (TIP: Your local Dollar Store or Walmart usually has them in the Halloween section for $1.00/bag.)
First, download our free printable “Bugs and Kisses” labels. (see link below). Print PDF file on 8.5 x 11 sheet of white cardstock, cut labels out and fold them in half. Then, fill your treat bags with a small handful of Hershey’s Kisses and a few plastic bugs. Next, you’ll fold over the top of the plastic treat bag and place a folded label over the top. Staple custom label to treat bag to seal it shut. That’s it! When you’re all done, here’s what they’ll look like…
Now, if your treat bags are smaller than 4.25? wide, I’ve left plenty of space on the sides of the graphics. This way, you can cut down the sides, as needed.
Such an easy and fun little DIY project, right? Enjoy & Happy Halloween! =)
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No matter your wedding locale, you’re bound to have at least a handful of guests coming from out of town. As of lately, hotel “welcome bags” have become all the rave – and for good reason! They’re the perfect way to help ensure your guests’ stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Not sure what to include in your welcome bags? Here’s a list to help you get started…
If you have a handful of events going on over the course of the weekend (i.e. welcome dinner and/or drinks on wedding eve, Sunday brunch, shuttle service, etc.), this is a great way to keep your guests in the loop on all of the weekend’s festivities.
Pamphlets for local attractions
Keep the fun going, even during the occasional lull between weekend events. Provide them with a few pamphlets of your favorite local museums, restaurants, and other “must see” attractions.
Bottled Water
Who doesn’t appreciate a complimentary bottle of H2O? You can even dress them up with custom labels to match your wedding colors and monogram.
We recommend tossing in a few of your local favorites. If you’re hosting a wedding in Indy, consider including treats from Just Pop In, Long’s Bakery, or Confectioneiress.
Gum or mints
With all the socializing your guests will be doing during your wedding weekend, these will be most appreciated!
Mini "Emergency" Kit
This can include anything from Bandaids and Tylenol, to safety pins. If budget allows, other options to consider including are a stain treatment (Tide stain stick or Shout wipes), hand sanitizer, and even a small roll of tape.
"Do Not Disturb Sign"
You already know your wedding is going to be a rockin’ party – so it’s easy to assume guests will need a little extra R&R the morning after. A personalized sign to hang on their door is just the ticket to ensure they get lots of rest post-wedding! (example)
Include one or two postcards that feature your wedding location (especially your venue, if available).

Fun Tip: Pre-address one to yourselves (and include postage), so you have some fun mail to look forward to after the honeymoon!
We hope this list was helpful!
Remember, your welcome bags can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like (or have budgeted) them to be. So, don’t stress too much over what you include in them….your guests will be surprised and delighted in the gesture, no matter the size or contents of the welcome bag.
Have any additional tips for our brides-to-be on what to include? Feel free to share them below…
I’m a country girl, small business owner, wife, mother of three, and a proud alumna of Purdue University (Boiler Up!).
Wondering what life is like for a busy mom with a graphic design & laser cutting business? My days are filled with pretty paper, blissful brides, half-finished sketchbooks, half-eaten lunches, and lots of cuddling with my little ones. I look forward to sharing with you all of life's fun happenings (both in & out of the studio) here on the blog!
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