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In recent months, I’ve come across many posts & comments about how wedding ceremony programs are just unnecessary. Brides have come up with many reasons to exclude them – some of the popular excuses I’ve found are:
  •     Guests just toss them after the ceremony
  •     Everyone knows who’s in the wedding party
  •     No one even looks at them
  •     It’s an unnecessary expense
I seriously beg to differ that they are a waste of time. Here is my rebuttal…
  1. These little cards are a wonderful, affordable way to subtly tie in your colors, monogram, or theme you’re using throughout the wedding. {Remember – it’s all in the details!}
  2. Your guests WILL look at them. Don’t you always appreciate it when the bride & groom provide you with information about those closest to them {the wedding party}, as well as what’s going on & what’s coming up next in the ceremony? You might also consider including song lyrics or readings/poems used during your ceremony – another great way to keep your guests engaged.
  3. Give your guests a reason to KEEP the program! Include your address where you’ll reside after the wedding, so guests can keep in touch with you. And why not also provide your photographer’s website/blog/gallery link, so they can view your wedding photos? Some guests even hang onto them for inspiration when tackling their own {or a son/daughter’s} wedding programs.
  4. When done right, programs can actually be extremely easy on the wallet. Have door greeters hand out the programs, giving only one per couple or family. This easy addition will greatly cut down on the number of programs needed. Also, be sure to check with your stationery vendor – a lot of them offer discounts on additional stationery if you ordered your invitations through them or order multiple items (menus cards, table numbers, favor tags, etc).
Don’t take your wedding programs for granted – they are truly underestimated! These can be a chic & affordable way to add color to the ceremony and keep your guests informed. I can say firsthand that the gesture will not go unappreciated!
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No matter your wedding locale, you’re bound to have at least a handful of guests coming from out of town. As of lately, hotel “welcome bags” have become all the rave – and for good reason! They’re the perfect way to help ensure your guests’ stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Not sure what to include in your welcome bags? Here’s a list to help you get started…
If you have a handful of events going on over the course of the weekend (i.e. welcome dinner and/or drinks on wedding eve, Sunday brunch, shuttle service, etc.), this is a great way to keep your guests in the loop on all of the weekend’s festivities.
Pamphlets for local attractions
Keep the fun going, even during the occasional lull between weekend events. Provide them with a few pamphlets of your favorite local museums, restaurants, and other “must see” attractions.
Bottled Water
Who doesn’t appreciate a complimentary bottle of H2O? You can even dress them up with custom labels to match your wedding colors and monogram.
We recommend tossing in a few of your local favorites. If you’re hosting a wedding in Indy, consider including treats from Just Pop In, Long’s Bakery, or Confectioneiress.
Gum or mints
With all the socializing your guests will be doing during your wedding weekend, these will be most appreciated!
Mini "Emergency" Kit
This can include anything from Bandaids and Tylenol, to safety pins. If budget allows, other options to consider including are a stain treatment (Tide stain stick or Shout wipes), hand sanitizer, and even a small roll of tape.
"Do Not Disturb Sign"
You already know your wedding is going to be a rockin’ party – so it’s easy to assume guests will need a little extra R&R the morning after. A personalized sign to hang on their door is just the ticket to ensure they get lots of rest post-wedding! (example)
Include one or two postcards that feature your wedding location (especially your venue, if available).

Fun Tip: Pre-address one to yourselves (and include postage), so you have some fun mail to look forward to after the honeymoon!
We hope this list was helpful!
Remember, your welcome bags can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like (or have budgeted) them to be. So, don’t stress too much over what you include in them….your guests will be surprised and delighted in the gesture, no matter the size or contents of the welcome bag.
Have any additional tips for our brides-to-be on what to include? Feel free to share them below…
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Q: We’re finishing up the details for our invites, and are unsure where to list our registries. Can we include that on the invitation itself, or perhaps include an insert card with the registry details? We just want to make sure we receive items that we actually need, and want guests to know where we’ve registered . . . any help you can offer is appreciated!
A: This is a question we often hear from brides-to-be, and we’re happy to help point you in the right direction.
Per standard wedding etiquette, your wedding invitation (and anything included with it) should never have any mention of gifts or registries. Despite what others might try to tell you in online bridal forums, this old-school etiquette rule still rings true today. This rule helps to avoid any implication that a gift is required, or that the gift is more important than their attendance. When sending your guests an invitation, the last thing you want to do is make them feel uncomfortable, right?
However, don’t be discouraged! There are still plenty of other (perfectly acceptable) options to get your registry info out there. For starters, the shower invitations & wedding website.
Be sure your shower hostess(es) have your registry info, so they can include that with your shower invitations. Another alternative – most stores will provide you with small registry info cards (i.e. Target and Bed Bath & Beyond) once you complete your registries. These are perfect enclosures to toss in with the shower and bachelorette invites.
Another great way to relay your registry information is by creating a personalized wedding website. Here, you can list your registries & other wedding details. NOTE: It is perfectly acceptable to include your website on your wedding invitations, so consider that as an alternative to listing your registries directly.
Guests will also know to ask your family & friends where you’re registered, if they haven’t heard elsewhere. So, inform your closest family members & wedding party, and rest assured that your registry information will make it’s way to your guests.
We hope this helps clear the air on wedding registries & where it is (and isn’t) acceptable to print that information. Remember, your guests should always feel like their presence at your special day is of utmost importance, not the gift. =)
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