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Posted on February 10, 2016 by Cari
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So much has happened since I posted our last house update in December. Honestly, work really started to slow down around the holidays (understandably), but quickly picked back up in January.
We have all of our recessed lighting installed. The mudroom bench & custom fireplace are completed. Doors and trim are painted and installed. The banister around the basement entry (minus the wrought iron spokes) is installed & stained to coordinate with our wood flooring (to be installed later this month).
And the BIG excitement this week - our cabinets are FINALLY here and being installed as we speak! (Three weeks later than originally estimated. It's a sore subject. It was NOT our builder's fault, and I'll leave it at that.)
On my "to do" list this next week:
I still need to select all of my cabinet hardware, buy a handful of these for the hallways & basement,
order a number plate for the front porch (and maybe a "vintage" mailbox),
and drop off our light fixtures + bulbs for installation!
I promise to post more photos next week - by then, we should have some flooring, all kitchen & basement cabinets installed, and maybe even some of our pretty light fixtures hung! Things are really rockin' & rollin' now, and we're on track to be in within 6-8 weeks. The countdown has begun. =)
Comment By: Carla
Posted on February 10, 2016
so many changes since the weekend. It is moving quickly at this stage. EXCITING
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