(Mommy Monday) Puzzles, Pretzels, and the Perfect Tune
Posted on March 23, 2015 by Cari
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I’ve been struggling lately to get much done in the studio. I’m still trying to find the balance between my roles as stay-at-home mom + small business owner. But, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve & a few “weapons of choice” to help me tackle a few tasks during the day.
Today, I’m loving magnetic puzzles – my son discovered them during our first trip to our local library, and has loved them ever since! They are a wonderful tool for teaching hand-eye coordination & (most importantly, at the moment!) keeping my restless toddler occupied for an short bit of time. Well, at least long enough to get some shipping labels printed & Etsy orders packaged. (Now, if I could just make it out to the mailbox…)
Our favorites around here are the Fishing and Bug-Catching puzzles by Melissa & Doug.
Little Man loves him some pretzel sticks. At snacktime, we just push some grapes or blueberries onto the ends. We call them “grape suckers” and “blueberry suckers” around here. The kid gobbles them right up. Hey, whatever gets him to eat some fruit!
I’m sure a pack of gummies (with his Flinstone’s Vitamin gummie mixed in) will be given later, as a small bribe to leave his sister alone.
Jo Stafford’s “Dream of You.” It’s a perfect swaying tune for when Baby Girl wants to be walked (danced) to sleep. =)
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